Monday, February 3, 2020

Elon Musk Says Tesla Will Host Hackathon at his House, Stock Jumps (TSLA)

The stock is up 10.75% (+$69.93) at $720.50.
The stock isn't up because of the hackathon, I don't know why the stock is up.
Here's the story at Yahoo:
Elon Musk says Tesla will host hackathon at his house

A young man asked me this morning pre-market if it was a sign when the world's 7th richest person, Oracle's Larry Ellison bet a billion cash on TSLA back in 2018.

I told him we thought it was important enough to note on the blog:
December 28, 2018 
Oracle's Larry Ellison To Join Tesla's Board (TSLA)
The stock is up five bucks, $321.43 last. 
but not that important.
That may have been an inaccurate interpretation.

Mr. Ellison's net worth is estimated by Forbes to be $66.9 billion, up $1.2 billion this morning.
Mr. Musk's net worth is now estimated at $37.1 billion up $2.3 bil. on the day and moving him into the #26 spot.

For what it's worth, the "Tesla to $4000 $6000" lady now says $7000.

If that happens Mr. Ellison's 3 million shares would be worth $21 B and Elon would be the richest person in the world and approaching Fugger and Mansa Musa as the richest of all time.