Thursday, March 31, 2011

"How West Virginia Tax Money Ended Up In Phoenix Strippers' G-Strings"

It was either that or Gawker:

"Judge Judy Hospitalized After Courtroom Meltdown: ‘I’m Exhausted’":
  • Vanilla Ice will make his debut as a mime (!) this spring at famed Chatham pantomime venue (?) Central Theatre. [BBC]
  • Balloon Boy dad Richard Heene made a music video about how much he loves Charlie Sheen. I could not have predicted this, but now that it has happened, I can only say, "of course." [TMZ]
From Consumerist:
The college football bowl system is alleged to be rife with corruption, some of which bubbled to the surface in an Arizona Republic report that identified rampant misuse of funds by Fiesta Bowl officials.

Sports Illustrated connects the dots and describes how the abuse hit home. Tax money in West Virginia, which was used to subsidize West Virginia University's athletic department, ended up in the hands of bowl officials, who used the cash to allegedly reimburse employees for making campaign contributions — potentially violating the bowl's nonprofit status — and give expensive gifts to power brokers....MORE