Friday, February 23, 2007

WSJ Energy Roundup

We got a mention in Mark Gongloff's WSJ Energy Roundup yesterday.
The reasons we linked to the Energy Roundup from our first day?

"Gongloff, a master of any medium he chooses...Energy Roundup will be a case study of the craft." COLUMBIA BLOGGING REVIEW

"Energy Roundup has a lot under the hood, tight and fast". CAR AND BLOGGER

"Energy Roundup-It's a smash, number one with a bullet!" -BlogBillboard

"Energy Roundup is intelligent; To use a tired cliche, a must read."

"Just two weeks on the scene, Mark Gongloff's WSJ Energy Roundup is redefining what a business blog should be." EDITOR & BLOGGER.

Seriously Mark, thanks for the link-back.

Edited 6:34 p.m.-and Kudos to the staff.